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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009S1-Paracompact SpacesAl-Zoubi, Khalid Y.; Rawashdeh, Amani A.
1993Safaitic and Thamudic InscriptionsShunnar, Zuhair
2016Salvia ceratophylla from Jordan : Volatile Organic Compounds, Essential oil composition and antioxidant activityAl Jaber, Hala I
1986SamadKnauf, Ernst Axel
1986Samih Al-Qasims Play Qaraqash : Betweem Reality and ProspectSulayman, Khalid A.
2004Sartre and the Other Between Philosophy and FictionDawood, Ibrahim; Bani Younis, Amal
2006Saturation Theorem in Simultaneous Approximation by Micchelli Combinatin of Bernstein PolynomialsThamer, Kareem; ثامر, كريم جبر
2015Saudi Students' Teachers' and Supervisors' Perceptions of the Cultural Gap in EFL Secondary Stage Curricula and Instructional PracticesBataineh, Ruba Fahmi; Reshidi, Ali Eid Aboud
2010Saudi Teachers' Attitudes Toward Linguistic Globalization in Saudi Arabia : A Sociolinguistic StudyWardat, Mahmud H.; Al Garni, Mansour Dhafer
2004Scaling of I-V Characteristics in High Temperature SuperconductorsAl-Dairy, Abdul Raouf; Sa'd, Basil Ahmad Zaki
1995School Accounting Qualifications and Students performance in the First course of University AccountingAbd Allah, Jasim
1997Science Fiction : Science Philosophy and Artistry in Aldous HuxleyKharbutli, Mahmoud; Yousef, Osama Abdul-Rahman
2016Screening for Mutations in Exons 9 and 20 of PIK3CA Gene in Prostate CancerAl-Zoubi, Mazhar; Al-Batayneh, Khalid; Otoom, Raed J.
2012Screening of Aegilops L. Species Collected from Northern Parts of Jordan for Abiotic StressesEl-Oqlah, Ahmad; Lahham, Jamil; Al-Sabi', Mahmoud
2018Screening of Newly Introduced Wheat (Triticum Durum L.) Cultivars to Drought and Salt StressAl Khateeb, Wesam; Tashtoush, Yazan Mohammad
2010Sea Cucumber as a Possible Bioindicator for Trace Metal Pollution in the Gulf of Aqaba, Red SeaAbu-Hilal, Ahmad Hamed; Al-Najjar, Tariq Hasan; Alshabi, Mustafa Omar
2007Sea Urchin Diadema Setosum as a Possible Bioindicator for Trace Metal Pollution in the Gulf of Aqaba Red SeaAbu-Hilal, Ahmad Hamed; Al-Najjar, Tariq Hasan; Al-Tawaha, Mohammad Salem
2009Searching for Immunocytogenetic Effects of Wet CuppingKhalil, Ahmad M.; Al-Qaoud, Khaled; Shaqqour, Hiba Mohammad
2003Seasonal Cycle of Surface Zooplankton Biomass in Relation to the Chlorophyll a in the Gulf of Aqaba , Red SeaNajjar, Tariq; Badran, Muhammad; Zibdah, Muhammad
1992Seasonal Fluctuations of Root and Leaf Surface Fungi Of Zygophyllium Coccineum Growing in Wadi Bir-EL-Ain Estern Desert , EgyptAbd al-Hafiz, Subhi; Maghraby, Uthman