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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019T - Norms Over Q - Fuzzy Subgroups of a GroupRasuli, R; Naraghi, H
2004Tailored Strategies for the Conservation and Restoration of Archaeological Value Cu-based Artifacts from Mediterranean Countries EFESTUSAl-Sababha, H.
2008Tall Johfiyeh Abrief Report on The 2007 SeasonAl - Saad, Ziad
2009Tall Zar'a : Excavations on a Multi-Period Site in Northern JordanVieweger, Dieter; Haser, Jutta
2010Target Classification in the Wireless Sensor Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization PSOGharaibeh, Khaled M.; Yaqot, Abdullah Ahmed
1994Task Influence on the Acquisition of Lexis : A Case Study from Jordanian UniversitiesAbulhaija, Lutfi; Hamdan, Sameer Muhammad Thaher
2006Tax Practitioners' Perceptions of the Reasons Jordanian Taxpayers Seek Professional Income Tax AssistanceKhuri, Abir; Budur, Jamal
2003Teacher-Student Congruence of Learning Style as Related to Perceived Difficulty in English Language LearningQuran, Majid
2002Teachers' Attitudes Towards Teaching English in the First Four Grades in JordanMakhzoumi, Khalaf; Haddad, Rasmieh
1989Teaching English Adjectives to Arabic-Speaking Learners of English as a Foreign Language a Contrast-Error Analysis StudyZughoul, Muhammad Raji; Al-Naimi, Fowzeh Ahmad
1989Teaching English Adverbs to Second-Year English Majors at Government Community Colleges in Irbid Governorate : A Contrasto-Error Analysis StudyAl-Makhzoomi, Khalaf; Haddad, Huda Sari
1980Teaching Moral Concepts for the Development of Moral Judgement in Kindergarten and First-GradeNorton, Robert F.; Qanah, Aida Mustapha Mutlaq
2006Technical Analysis to Predict the Future Stock Prices : Case Study in Amman Stock ExchangeAl-Qudah, Kamal A.; Al-Rousan, Basheer
2002Tectonic Evolution of the North-Eastern Corner of the Dead Sea, JordanSahawnah, Julia; Atallah, Muhammad
1998Teeth as an Indicator of Health Status of the Byzantine People of Sa'ad : A Site in Al-Mafraq District JordanEl-Najjar, Mohamoud; Al-Awad, Fatima Nawaf Qasem
1988Tell Abu Hamid 1987Dollfus, Genevieve; Kafafi, Zeidan
1994Tell Al-GadorAbu Talib, Mahmud
1987Tell el-Mughayyir and Khirbet ZeiraqounMittmann, S.; Ibrahim, Muawiyah
1988Tell Fendi : Jisr Sheikh Hussein Project , 1986 : Site Indentifications " A and BKareem, J.
1986Tell IrbidLenzen, C. J.