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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Ultrastructural Features of the Human Mammary Gland CarcinomasAl-Wadi , Eman Ali /Al-Adhami , Mohammad Amin /Al-Masri , Anwar
2005An ultrastructural study of the kidney of the one humped Arabian camel (camelus dromedarius)Bani Hani, May Ghaleb /Al-Adhami, Mohammad A.
2005An Ultrastructural Study of the Pancreas in the One Humped Arabian Camel Camelus DromedariusAl-Adhami, Mohammad A. /Bsoul, Manal Khaled
2007An Ultrastructural Study on Epiphyses of Diencephalon in ChameleonsAl-Ali , Nadia Nasser /Al-Adhami , Mohammad Amin /Khalil , Ahmad M.
1995Umayyad copper-based coins of Bilad Al-Sham : an analytical and chemical studyGoussous, Nayef G. /Tarawneh , Khalaf F.
1988Umm Qais - Four Years of Institute ReasearchMershen, B.
1987Umpolung of ?-Allylpalladium ComplexesNitin T. Patil and Yoshinori Yamamoto*
2002Understanding and usage of english idioms : a problem encountered by jordanian efl learnersWahhab, Sa'id Abdul
2012Understanding Complexation and Desorption of Copper Ion in Three Contaminated Soil Types in Palestine Using Series of Different Surfactants and LigandsShehdeh Jodeh*, Ahmad A.Abu-Obaid, Radi Salim
2013Understanding the Nature of Scientific Enterprise in Light of the Project (2061) Criteria and its Relationship to Some Demographic VariablesAyesh Zeitone
1979Undersuchungen uber die mitfallung und sorption von kobaltionen an a morphem eisenhydroxid bel anwesenheit verschiedeneranionenEsmadi, Fatima
1987Une question, est-ce toujours une demande d information? Analyse pragmatique du couple question- réponse et implications pour L enseignement du FLENarjes Ennasser
2011D'une Resolution a une Programmation : Elaboration d'une Programme D'apprentissage de Francais sur Objectifs Specifiques Pour les Operations de Maintien de la Paix en Milieu FrancophoneChartier , Priscilla /Fravalo , M. Loic
2013Unexpected Reduction of C-Cl Bond to C-H Bond by Hydrazine-Mediated Reaction During the Synthesis of Alkylbenzimidazoles DerivativesBehnam Mahdavi *, Mohammad Rahimizadeh, Mehdi Bakavoli, Esmail Rezaei-Seresht and Mohammad Fatemi
2012A Unified Family of Distributions Which Contains the Skew-Elliptical FamilyAl-Salman, Samar Omar /Al-Saleh, Mohammad Fraiwan
1990A unified study of certain subclasses of starlike univalent functionsMatarieh, Khader Mahmud
2009Uniformaly Dominated Sets of P-Summing OperatorsAl-Rashdan , Yusuf Isam Ahmad /Al-Sharif , Sharifa N.
1990Unilocular Hydatidosis in Jordan : Strain Immunological Characterization by in Vivo Methods.Abbasi, Ibraheim /Abdel Hafez , Sami
1973Unionization behind the walls : an analytic study of the Ohio prisoners' labor union movementHuff, Clarence Ronald
1989Uniqe Trimolecular Michael Reactions and CyclizationsGhanim , Bader S. A. /A-Arab , Mohammad