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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992U.S. Economic Aid to Egypt During the Institution of the Open-Door Policy as A Foreign Policy InstrumentRashdan, Abd Al-Fatah
2010Ultrastructural Features of the Human Mammary Gland CarcinomasAl-Adhami, Mohammad Amin; Al-Masri, Anwar A.; Al-Wadi, Eman Ali
2000Ultrastructure of the Thyroid Gland in the Urodele , Neurergus Crocatus Crocatus CopeAzzami, Muhammad Amin
1995Umayyad Copper-Based Coins of Bilad Al-Sham : An Analytical and Chemical StudyTarawneh, Khalaf F.; Goussous, Nayef G.
1988Umm Qais - Four Years of Institute ReasearchMershen, B.
2006Umpolung of TT-Allylpalladium ComplexesPattil, Nitin T.; Yamamoto, Yoshinori
2018Unbridged 9-Substituted Bis ( silylfluorenyl ) Complexes of Zirconium and HafniumAbdelbagi, Mohamed E. M; Alt, Helmut G
2014Uncovering counterfeit Viagra and Cialis using the portable NIR and the UV-Visible spectroscopy coupled with multivariate data analysis : A Preliminary StudyObeidat, Safwan M.; Al-Tayyem, Ban
2014Under Vacuum Photoluminescence Study of Vertically Stacked InAs/GaAs Quantum DotsAbu Waar, Ziad Y.
2002Understanding and Usage of English Idioms : A Problem Encountered by Jordanian EFL LearnersAl-Abed Al-Haq, Fawwaz; Wahhab, Sa'id Abdul
1993Understanding Commitment - Effectiveness Linkages : The Case of Jordanian Banking SectorShammari, Minwir; Shaysh, Fuad
2012Understanding Complexation and Desorption of Copper Ion in three Contaminated Soil Types in Palestine in Using Series of Different Surfactants and LigandsJodeh, Shehdeh; Abu-Obaid, Ahmad A.; Salim, Radi
2015Understanding the Behavior of Financial Ratios the Adjustment Process Evidence from Amman Stock Exchange During the Period 2002-2013Zurigat, Ziad; Gharaibeh, Mohammad; AL-Quraan, Leena M.
2006Understanding the Dynamics of Internship Experience : The Case of the Hashemite University Preservice Primary Science TeachersQablan, Ahmad
2014Une Démarche Interculturelle pour l'enseignement \ Apprentissage du FRançais Langue étrangère (FLE) au Département de Langues Modernes à l´Université du YarmoukAlrabadi, Elie; El Rusheidat, Marwan
2016Une Etude Descriptive De L'enseignement / Apprentissage du Francais Juridique a L'instutut Judiciaire JordanienAlRabadi, Elie; Bani-Hani, Basel Naser Ibrahim
2017Une Etude Polyphonique Des Manifestations de l'Ironie Verbale Dans Les Ecrits Journalistiques en Jordanie : L'exemple de l'Ecrivain Ahmad H. Al-Zu'biJaradat, Riham; Alhadidi, Ahmad Akif Abdelfattah
2010Une Question , Est-ce Toujours une Demande DInformation ? : Analyse Pragmatique du Couple Question - Reponse et Implications Pour LEnseignement du FLEEnnasser, Narjes
2013Unexpected Reduction of C-Cl Bond to C-H Bond by Hydrazine-Mediated Reaction During the Synthesis of Alkylbenzimidazoles DerivativesMahdavi, Behnam; Rahimizadeh, Mohammad; Bakavoli, Mehdi; Rezaei-Seresht, Esmail; Fatemi, Mohammad
2009Uniformaly Dominated Sets of P-Summing OperatorsAl-Sharif, Sharifa N.; Al-Rashdan, Yusuf Isam Ahmad