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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Variable Forwarding Using Network Coding in Wireless Sensor NetworksHalloush, Mohammed D.; Dawahdeh, Tasneem I.
2009Variable Kernel Density Estimation for Simple Linear Degradation ModelEidous, Omar M.; Al-Haj Ebrahem, Mohammed H. Baker; Al-Momani, Noor Saqer Eid
2016Variable-Hop Virtual Clustering Schemes for Control Channel Assignment in Dynamic Access NetworkBany Salameh, Haythem; Shtyyat, Sajedah Jehad
1982Variables Effecting Achievement in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in the Jordanian Government Schools in IrbidZughoul, Mohammad; Al-Omari, Taiseer Awad
2001Variance Estimation of Finite Population Using Auxiliary InformationAbu Dayyeh, Walid A.; Hurairah, Ahmad Ali Umar
2014Variation in Address Forms for Arab Married and Unmarried Women in the Workplace a Sociolinguistic StudyAbulhaija, Lutfi; Al-Ajlouni, Mays Qasem
1998Variation in Apology Strategies Among Friends and Acquaintances in Jordanian ArabicThalji, Abdel-Majid; El-Khalil, Hasan Mohammad Hussein
1994Variation in the Use of Euphemisms in Jordanian ArabicShuqair, Hassan; Elayyan, Fawzi Salameh
2002Variation of Optical Constants of RF Sputtered a- Si Thin Films With Deposition ConditionsTashtush، Nihad M.
2016Variational Calculations of the Exchange Energy of a Tow-Electron Quantum Dots in a Magnetic FieldSaher, A; Elsaid, M.k; Elhasan, M
2004Variations of the Structural and Transport Properties of Polycrystalline YBa2CU3O7 Superconductor with Gamma IrradiationShubaki, Jasir; Bis, Burhan A.
2014Various Error Estimations for Several Newtion-Cotes Quadrature Formulae in Terms of at Most First Derivative and Applications in Numerical IntegrationAlomari, M. W.; Dragomir S. S.
2015Various Properties of Heavy Quarkonia from Flavor - Independent Coulomb Plus Quadratic PotentialAl-Oun, Anood; Al-Jamel, Ahmed; Widyan, H
1995Various Types of Strongly G-Graded RingsRifa'i, Mashhur
2012Verbal Irony in Journalistic Writings in Jordan : A Relevance - Theoretic PerspectiveBader, Yousef; Al-Refai, Wafa AbdulMonem
2012Verification of the Feed-Forward Control for a Piezoelectric Actuator Using Differential Flatness ApproachAl-Qudah, Amin; Alzoubi, Jomah Mohammad
1986Vertical Vibration of Machine FoundationsAsrar, Waqar; Serhan, Samir Jawdat
1997Vibration Effects on Settings Human Subjects of Various MassesUthman, Muhammad; Qasim, Wajih; Abd al-Majid, Said
2012Vibration Frequencies of Perylene with Different Molecular ChargesShanshal, Muthana; Kubba, Rehab M
2017Video Compression from EEGAlzoubi, Hussein; BaniMifrig, Ruba A.