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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Validation and reliability of the dispositons of reflective thinking questionnaire : examining the reflective dispositions of preservice physical education teachersWittenburg, David Kirk
1980Values of Bureaucracy to the Administrative Staff Working at the University of Mu'tah, and their Relationship to Job Performance from the Viewpoint of the Administrative LeadershipKhaled Saraireh, Mohamed Alqdah
2008Valuing Open Space in a Locational Equilibrium Model of the Twin CitiesJr. , Henry Allen Klaiber /Phaneuf , Daniel J.
2012Variable Forwarding Using Network Coding in Wireless Sensor Networks = الإرسال المتغير باستخدام ترميز الشبكات في شبكات المجسات اللاسلكيةDawahdeh , Tasneem I. /Halloush , Mohammed D.
2009Variable Kernel Density Estimation for Simple Linear Degradation ModelAl Momani , Noor Saqer Eid /Eidous , Omar M.
1982Variables affecting achievement in English as a foreign language (EFL) in the Jordanian governmental preparatory schools in IrbidZughoul , Mohammad /Hussein , Riad /al-Omari, Taiseer Awad
2001Variance Estimation of Finite Population Using Auxiliary InformationAbu Dayyeh, Walid A. /Hurairah, Ahmad Ali Umar
1998Variation in apology strategies among friends and acquaintances in Jordanian ArabicEl-Khalil, Hasan Muhammad Hussein /Thalji , Abdelmagid
1994Variation in the use of euphemisms in Jordanian ArabicElayyan, Fawzi Salameh /Shuqair, Hassan Rashid
2013The Variation of the Observed Flux from a Neutron Star by Its Gravitational FieldM. A. Alobayde and S.E. Khaleel
2013Variation Phenomenon in Arabic Musical Rhythms: an Analytical StudyNabil S. Darras
1989Varieties of questions in English conversation : a study of the role of morphosyntax in declarative and nonclausal formsWeber, Elizabeth Gean
1997The variety of romanticism : a study of contrast in John Keats's poetryAl-Awad, Mustafa /ِAl - Shetawi , Mahmoud
2012Verbal Irony in Journalistic Writings in Jordan : A Relevance - Theoretic Perspective = المفارقة اللفظية في الكتابات الصحفية في الأردن من منظور منهج نظرية الصلةAl-Refai , Wafa AbdulMonem /Bader , Yousef
2012Verification of the Feed-Forward Control for a Piezoelectric Actuator Using Differential Flatness Approach = by Jomah Mohammad Alzoubi ; Amin AlQudah, supervisor.Alzoubi , Jomah Mohammad /AlQudah , Amin
1986Vertical vibration of machine foundationsAsrar , Waqar /Serhan, Samir Jawdat
1975The Vibration Frequencies of [6] Cyclacenes (Linear, Angular and Angular-Chiral) Monoring MoleculesRehab M. Kubba, Huda N. AL-Ani and Muthana Shanshal*
2012Vibration Frequencies of Perylene with Different Molecular ChargesMuthana Shanshal* and Rehab M. Kubba
1983The Victory of Freedom in Beethoven Overture Egmont Analytical StudyMohammed Al-Mallah
2008The Village as Mise-en-Scene in Modern Irish DramaAl Hariri , Khalid Shahin /Al Shra'ah , Mahmoud