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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Wadi Feinan Iron Age PotteryHart, S.
2011A Watchdog in the Kingdom : Two Decades of Problems and Possibilities in Developing Investigative Journalism in Jordan , 1989 - 2011Alzainat , Ali Shams
1982Water distribution network analysis and designStimson, Kenneth R.
1979Water Distribution, Availability and Problems in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia : a Household SurveyAl-Ghamdi , Abdulaziz Sagr /Brunn , Stanley D.
1985Wave propagation in laminated composite materialsNayfeh , Jamal Faris / Adnan , Nayfeh
2006Wavelet Based Classification Approach for EEG DiagnosesObeidat , Mohammad A. /Al-Fahoum , Amjad
1978The weak closure of the unitary orbit of operatorsKutkut, Mahmud Muhammad
1983Weakly C-Normal and Cs- Normal Subgroups of Finite GroupsMohammad Tashtoush
2009Weakly W-Continuous and Weakly Almost W-Continuous Functions = إقترانات ضعيفة الإتصال و متصلة غالبا من نمط "W".Al-Jarrah , Heyam H. /Al-Zoubi , Khalid
2007Weather Proverbs in Jordanian Arabic and British English : A Contrastive StudyEl-Shrou , Nabeeha /Wardat , Mahmoud
2012Web Usage Analysis in Six Arab States and Three UniversitiesAreej AlQwaqenah, Mohammed Al-Kabi and Belal Abu Ata
2012Website Usability Evaluation and Search Engine Optimization for Eighty Arab University WebsitesAhmad Al-Ananbeh, Belal Abu Ata, Mohammed Al-Kabi and Izzat Alsmadi
1998Weighted inequalities for the geometric meansRawashdeh, Edris /Jarrah , Abdulla Muhammad
1980Wetting fronts under a trickle source in some soils of the Jordan ValleyHawatmeh, Nader Ghattas /Battikhi , Anwar /Ghawi , Ibrahim
2003Wh-Movement in Arabic : A Minimalist ApproachOmari , Osama Mahmud /Al Shorafat , Mohammed O
1988"What's it going to be then, eh?" : tracing the English paragraph into itssecond century.Branson, Mark Keith
1980Why Did the Arabs Not Know the Theatre in the Western Sense until the Mid-Nineteenth Century?Mekhled
2008Wiggling Through it : A Comparative Case Study on Decision Making Processes of United Methodist Church Second-Career Clergy Student's Route to MinistryHansen-Holloway , Mellinda Gay /Wiessner , Collen Aalsburg
1997Win or lose : a sociolinguistic approach to the soccer headlines of the Jordanian newspapersAwad, Emad Saleh /Luttfi ,Hasan Shuqair
2013Wireless Remote Monitoring System for ASTHMA Attack Detection and ClassificationAl-Momani , Orobh Mohammad Ali /Gharaibeh , Khaled