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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Wadi Feinan Iron Age PotteryHart, S.
2001Water Harvesting of Urban Storm Runoff ( West Side of Karak City as case - study )Tarawinah, Sulayman
1994Water Quality Of Karst Springes In Wadi Shu'eib Catchment AreaAwad, Mahmud; Taany, Rakad; Rimawi, Umar
1985Wave Propagation in Laminated Composite MaterialsNayfeh, Adnan H.; Nayfeh, Jamal Faris
2006Wavelet Based Classification Approach for EEG DiagnosesAl-Fahoum, Amjed; Obeidat, Mohammad A.
2015Weak Compatibilty and Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy Metric Spaces using Implicit RelationSharma, Rajinder
2008Weakly C - Normal and Cs - Normal Subgroups of Finite GroupsTashtush, Muhammad
2009Weakly W-Continuous and Weakly Almost W-Continuous FunctionsAl-Zoubi, Khalid; Al-Jarrah, Heyam H.
2007Weather Proverbs in Jordanian Arabic and British English : A Contrastive StudyWardat, Mahmoud; El-Shrou', Nabeeha
1996Weathering Bahaviour Some Byzantine and Islamic Glasses as Found by Microscopic and Chemical AnalysisSad, Ziyad
2012Web Usage Analysis in Six Arab States and Three UniversitiesAlQwagenah , Areej Adel Abd Alrahmman; Al-Kabi, Mohammed; Abu Ata, Belal
2012Website Usability Ecaluation and Search Engine Optimization for Eighty Arab University WebsitesAl-Ananbeh, Ahmad A.; Abu Ata, Belal; Al-Kabi, Mohammed; Alsmadi, Izzat
1998Weighted Inequalities for the Geometric MeansJarrah, Abdulla Mohammad; Rawashdeh, Edris Ahmed
2013Weighted Lipschitz Estimates for Multilinear Connutator of Marcinkwics OperatorZhen, Zhao Qiao; Feng, Wang Jun
1997Western Medicine in Palestine ( 1878 - 1924 ) : The Church Missionary Society Medical Mission in GazaZiadat, Adel
2003Wh-Movement in Arabic : A Minimalist ApproachAl-Shorafat, Mohammed O.; Omari, Osama Mahmoud
1993When the Words Burn : An Anthology of Modern Arabic Poetry 1945 - 1987 : A Critical EssayKhazali, Muhammad
2009Why Did the Arabs Not Know the Theatre in the Western Sense Until the Mid-Nineteenth CenturyAl-Zyoud, Mekhled N.
1997Win or Lose : A Sociolinguistic Approach to the Soccer Headlines of the Jordanian NewspapersShuqair, Hassan; Awad, Emad Saleh
2013Wireless Remote Monitoring System for ASTHMA Attack Detection and ClassificationGharaibeh, Khaled; Al-Momani, Orobh Mohammad Ali