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Title: Preparation of a Gas Sensor of Nanostructure Tin Oxide Working on the Principle of Thermoelectric Effect and Studying Its Sensitivity to Some Gases
Authors: M. A. Batal, Gh. Nashed and F. H. Jneed
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies , Yarmouk University, Irbid , Jordan
Description: Tin oxide thin films doped with iron or copper were deposited on glass and porous alumina substrates, using co-deposition dip coating sol-gel technique. The films were doped with iron oxide at a concentration of %5. Alumina substrates were prepared by anodizing technique. Samples were sintered for 2 hours at a temperature of 600?C.
ISSN: 1994- 7615
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