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Title: Heavy Metal Distribution in Water , Sediment and Plants of Treated Wastewater , Karak - Jordan
Authors: Jiris, Anwar
Jaradat, Qasim M.
Mumani , Kamal
Subject: Sewage Disposal - Karak ( Jordan );Sewage - Purfication;Heavy metals - Environmental aspects;Sediments (Geology) - Heavy metal content
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: عمادة البحث العلمي والدراسات العليا - جامعة اليرموك
Abstract: Sludge, untreated and treated wastewater from Karak wastewater treatment plant (KWWTP), in addition to surfacial sediments (0 - 2 cm) and four plant species from five sites downstream discharging from KWWTP were investigated for their metals content (Fe, Zn, Mn, Cu, Ni, Pb and Cr). All samples showed a higher heavy metal concentration than blanks, but with variable degrees. Iron and manganese in sediments were found at higher concentrations in the coarse sediment (arenaceous) than fine fraction (argillaceous), while all elements were on the contrary, were found in the fine fraction at higher levels. The heavy metal concentrations in descending order were the highest in sludge, sediments, untreated wastewater, treated wastewater, and plant species.
Description: أبحاث اليرموك : سلسلة العلوم الأساسية و الهندسية
2002, Vol. 11, Issue 1B, p305-316
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Includes References , Includes Abstract in English and Arabic Language
Document Type: Article
Language: ENG
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