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dc.contributor.authorTarawinah, Muhammad Fayiz
dc.descriptionأبحاث اليرموك: سلسلة العلوم الإنسانية و الاجتماعية
dc.description1997, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p9-25
dc.descriptionIncloudes References , Tables
dc.description.abstractInformal economy in jordan is relatively a new phenomenon that has been basically emerging in the mid 1980. itis the result of two majior factors the increasing rate of poverty and the structural crisis in the formal economy. as a peripheral capitalist economy jordanian economy is overwhlemed by many structural crisis. a situation that leads to a chaotic economy regardless of the presence of the state. in order to alleviate the burden of the crises and chaos the formal economy is badly in need to transfer such illness outside is formal borders evoliving from this point that coinicides with the poverty of society the informal economy is generated therfore the informal economy is regarded here as a peripheral zone the metropolitan national formal economy as well as source of income to the p
dc.publisherعمادة البحث العلمي والدراسات العليا - جامعة اليرموك
dc.subjectInformal Sector (Economic) - Irbid (Jordan)
dc.subjectJordan Economic Policy
dc.subjectJordan - Economic Conditions
dc.titleAspects of " Informal Economy " in Jordan : The Case of Irbid
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