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Title: Nontradable Goods in the Import Demand Function in Jordan
Authors: Hmedat, Waleed
Shara, Mundhir
Subject: Import Substitution - Jordan;Jordan - Economic Conditions
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: عمادة البحث العلمي والدراسات العليا - جامعة اليرموك
Abstract: Departing from the conventional import demand function this paper constructs an import demand function for Jordan that includes import prices of tradale goods and , prices of nontradable goods as explanatory variables . The constructed function is tested using separate price indices for tradable and nontradable goods to determine whether the prices of nontradable goods are empirically revelant in the determination of import demand . The model's equation were estimated by ordinary least squares for Jordainain statistical data pertaining to the period 1969-1988 . the results of the study reveal the insignificancy of the prices of nontradable goods in the determination of import demand in Jordan .
Description: أبحاث اليرموك: سلسلة العلوم الإنسانية و الاجتماعية
1994, Vol. 10 Issue 4, p33-41
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Language: ENG
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