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Title: Tribe and State : Traditional VS. Modern Laws in Al-Karak Area , Jordan
Authors: Tarawinah, Muhammad Fayiz
Subject: Tribes and Tribal System - Jordan;Jordan - Politics and Government;Jordan - Social Conditions
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: عمادة البحث العلمي والدراسات العليا - جامعة اليرموك
Abstract: This paper investigated the continous problems and disputes within and among tribes on the one hand and with the stste on the other ; it also examine the imapct of these problems on the socio-economic and political spects of life in soltution jordan. The study concludes that the state cannot enforce regualtions and forms of land division without conculting the tribes themselves . at the same time , the tribes cannot use the land without an agreement among themselves.this agreement should be approved by the state's representative , the depertment of land and survey .in many cases the dispute among tribes over land has no economic ends but merely indeplogical ones like in our case here of Fajj al -Useikir.
Description: أبحاث اليرموك: سلسلة العلوم الإنسانية و الاجتماعية
1996, Vol. 12 Issue 3, p9-33
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Language: ENG
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