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dc.contributor.advisorAl-Zughoul, Mohammad R.
dc.contributor.authorAl-Homoud, Esra' Mohammad
dc.descriptionNumber of Pages: 147
dc.publisherYarmouk University
dc.subjectTranslating and interpreting - Poetry
dc.subjectArabic poetry - Translating into English
dc.subjectLanguage and languages
dc.subjectArabic language - Translating into English
dc.subjectIntercultural comunication
dc.subjectLanguage and culture
dc.subjectMatar, Ahmad.Lafitat
dc.titleTranslatability of Pun in the Poetry of Ahmad Matar : A Study of His "Lafitat"
dc.title.alternativeقابلية التورية للترجمة في شعر أحمد مطر : دراسة لدواوينه "لافتات"
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