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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Problems of Translating Economic Texts from English into ArabicAbdul-Fattah, Hussein; Al-Saleh, Khaled Mohammed
2005Problems in the Translation of Noun Clusters from English into ArabicBader, Yousef; ِAl-Sayah, Raid Suliman Mohammad
2005Art of Argumentation and Persuasion in the Political Speeches of His Majesty King Abdullah II Maintained in their Arabic TranslationMahadin, Radwan; Al-Rawabdeh, Nuha Ahmad
2007English-Arabic Translation of T. V. Advertisements Targeting WomanAbulhaija, Luttfi; Fraiwan, Rula Amin "Mohammad Sharif"
2007Problems in English-Arabic Translation of Appliance ManualsWardat, Mahmud; Abandah, Rula Radwan
2007Updating Arab Translators' Skills and Tools Meeting the Challenges of Scientific and Technical TextsShunnaq, Abdullah; Abu Ayyash, Emad Ahmed Saleem
2009ٍStrategies of Denys Johnson-Davies in Dealing with Cultural and Linguistic Issues in his Translation of Tayeb Salih's Novel : The Wedding of ZeinAbulhaija, Lutfi; Saeed, Sarah Rezeq
2008The Translatability of Administrative and Governmental Terminologies from Arabic into English and English into ArabicZughoul, Muhammad Raji; ALzou'bi, Ali Abbas Falah
2008Machine Translation Versus Human Translation with Reference to Pronouns: A Study of Agreement Errors in English-Arabic TextsAbulhaija, Lutfi; Okour, Rasha Ghaleb
2011The Translatability of Culture-Specific Aspects in Al-Shaykh's Collection of Stories I Sweep the Sun of the RooftopsRamadan, Susanne; Bany-Abdo, Halemeh Na'im Mustafa