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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Characterization and Thermal Decompsiton of Indolylidene Aniline Azo-Dyes DerivativesHamid, Salim A.
2007Synthetic Studies Towatds Bis - HeteroDimeric Netroposin AnalogsSaid, Naim H.; Shawaqifah، Khalid Q.
2007Quantum - Chemical Study of Mechanism of Growth of Nanometer - Tin - ParticlesKudlaa, Adnan
2007Synthesis , Characterization and NMR Studies of Some 2,6 - Diaminopyridine Complexes With Palladium ( II ) , Rhodium ( III ) and Nercury IIEl-Qisairi, Arab K.; Qaseer, Hanan A.; Zaghal, Mukarram H.; Magaireh, Sanaa; Saymeh, Riyadh; Yousef, Yaser A.
2007X - Ray Structure of 2,6 - Biphenyl - 1,4 - Diselenafulvene and its Reaction With Fe2 ( CO )9Taher, Deeb; Klaib, Sami; El-Khateeb, Mohammad; Ruffer, Tobias; Lang, Heinrich
2007Oxidative Cyclization of Arylidene Carboxyhydrazides : Synthesis of Substituted Hydroxydiphenylmenthyl - 3 , 3 , 4 - OxadiazolesAbu Safieh, Kayed A.; Al-Titi, Ahmad M. S.; Zahra, Jalal A.; Ayoub, Mikdad T.
2007Activity of H - Beta Zeolites Re - Exchanged With Alkaline and Earth - Alkaline Cations in the Fries Rearrangement of Phenyl AcetateIsmail, Rokhsana; Adryan, Philipp; Roessner, Frank
2007Diimine Chromium Complexes as Catalyst Precursors for Homogeneous Ethylene PolymerizationKestel - Jakob, Alexandra; Alt, Helmut G.
2007المحتويات . الغلاف-
2007Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Mono - and Bis - Phenylhdrazones of L-Threo - and D-Erythro -2 , 3 - Hexodiulosono - 1 , 4 - Lactones for the Synthesis of an Array of Heterocyclic CompoundsAshri, al-Sayyid H.; Ata, Kamal F.; Abu al-Ula, Salah; Beldi, Razika