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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Calculated Energies , Reaction Paths and Transition State of C-H Bond Cleavage in the Aromatic MoleculesShanshal, Muthana; Muala, Mustafa M.; Alyassiri, Muntadhar A.
2013Visible Spectrophotometric Determination of Ganciclovir in its Pharmaceutical Formulations Using Quinalizarin ReagentAl-Neaimy, Usra I. S.; Al-Delymi, Amal M. S.
2013Cloud-Point Extraction and Selective Spectrophotometric Determination of Pb(II) and Cu(II) using Synthesized N1,N2-Diphenylhydrazine-1,2-Dicarbothioamide and an Anionic SurfactantBahram, Morteza; Shahmoradi, Sayna; Mozaffari, Ahahla; Niko, Abbas; Dilmaghani, Karim Akbari
2013Unexpected Reduction of C-Cl Bond to C-H Bond by Hydrazine-Mediated Reaction During the Synthesis of Alkylbenzimidazoles DerivativesMahdavi, Behnam; Rahimizadeh, Mohammad; Bakavoli, Mehdi; Rezaei-Seresht, Esmail; Fatemi, Mohammad
2013Synthesis and Characterization of Some Transition Metal Complexes of Thiocarbohydrazone Schiff BasesEsmadi, Faima; Khabour, Omar F.; Albarqawi, Ala I.; Ababneh, Mohammad; Al-Talib, Mahmoud
2013Conformational Analysis of Some ?-Halohydrins via G3 CalculationsHelal, Mustafa R.; Abbas, Khaims A.; Tashtoush, Hasan; AL-Radaideh, Muna T. H.
2013Dinuclear Tungsten and Molybdenum Tetracarbonyl Complexes Doubly-Bridged by Bis(phenylthio)alkane Bidentate LigandsAsali, Khalil J.; Al-Said, Naim H.
2013In Silico Identification of Novel Leukotriene A4 Hydrolase Inhibitors as Potential Anti - Inflammatory AgentsAl-Balas, Qosay; Hassan, Mohammad; Mihaidat, Nizar; Almaaytah, Ammar
2013Surface Activity of Some Low Molecular Weight Chitosan DerivativesSouod, Khaldoun; Abu-Falaha, Rasha; Al-Remawi, Mayyas
2013Solid Phase Extraction of Copper , Cadmium and Lead Using Amberlite XAD-4 Resin Functionalized With 2- Hydroxybenzaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone and its Application on Green Tea LeavesChowdhury, Didarul A.; ul Hogue, Md. Ikram; Fardous, Zeenath